Common Website Development Mistakes to Avoid

We are all guilty of not resisting a bargain when it presents itself and we all like to save some money here and there. Sometimes when we order something online that seems too good to be true, we tend to discover when it arrives that it actually is and that because of common website design mistakes that have been made in the development process.

There are many that choose the ‘cheap as chips’ website option that is still stuck with it to this day, unaware that the common problems they face are down to the choices in choosing the wrong web developer for their brand.

How do you know if your web developer is bad at his job? Chances are you have these problems and they have not addressed them.

The Price

Okay this is the first warning sign – if your web developer is charging you pocket change to build your website then they obviously are not invested in its success.

Professional web developers charge what they are worth based on their skills and experience in creating high quality products that do what they should. If you bought a car for £200 you would instantly know that there is going to be a lot of fixing and parts as soon as you get it – eventually costing more than buying a new car would cost. The same is said for having your website built cheaply.

Stocking Up the Stock Images

There is nothing worse for your company image than the dreaded stock photo pulled from a photo bucket.

If you are a Manchester-based business no one is going to believe you operate out of the Shard, or that those smiling models hired to wear a headset laughing into thin air is going to be taking your call. A professional digital marketing agency in Stockport will always find a way to instil your company image by providing a more personal approach, bespoke design and photographs displaying your actual employee team if necessary.

Regular Contact

Having your website developed by a professional means having a professional service, especially if things need changing or any problems arise.

If you are currently working around your developer’s timetable of availability then that is as backwards as it can get. When your website requires changes or fixes they need to be addressed straight away to not lose you any business, and if your cheap developer is working you around his availability that could mean 24 to 48 hours of business losses being suffered.

You Write It, I’ll Paste It, I’ll Charge You

If your cheap web developer does not have the writing skills or a copywriter on their staff, then the bulk of the writing is left to you to provide to them.

Then you will find that the website has been written by you for free, but you are paying for it to be formatted and uploaded. Basically, you have done nearly everything yourself. And are out of pocket in effect. A Stockport website design agency will handle the copy for you by simply listening to what you want, writing it up for your approval and implementing it live for everyone to read.

Shoddy and Unresponsive

If your website is still a mere information page and not incorporating a responsive web design in Stockport, then you are losing out on the biggest client source in the world – the Internet.

By now your website developer will have expressed how important responsive web design is to your internet presence. If not – well, they are definitely not providing the service you require. Your clients searching on the internet will not have the patience to scroll or navigate through a simple unresponsive web page that does not adapt to their tech of choice. You may as well take all your clients and walk them through the doors of your competition because that is where those users have gone to.

If these areas ring true about your current web development party then you need to start making choices for your future. Contact the team at Search and More to transform your web presence into a success by avoiding common website design mistakes.

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