If You Want To Design The Best Looking Website, Then You Should Be Using WordPress, Part 2.

We saw clearly in the first part of this article that the major advantage of WordPress is that it can be installed and up and running on a server within a matter of minutes.

Once a small business has managed to create a site it will then have access to countless online free or paid themes which will make the website look stylish and professional.

It’s hardly surprising that WordPress is used by millions of people across the globe.

In the second and final part of this article we’ll have a look at some of the major advantages of a WordPress content-management system, and why such this software package will probably work best for your business.

  • WordPress is Open Source:

WordPress is Open Source, which effectively means it’s free to use. It’s also very flexible. Other people will create the themes and plugins that you can then easily use to make your website look even more polished.

  • Setting up WordPress is quick and straightforward:

Because WordPress is so easy to set up and simple to use, it’s possible to have several websites on the go at the same time. Maintaining these numbers shouldn’t be difficult as you don’t have to waste valuable time setting the sites up in the first place. This ease and flexibility is particularly useful for businesses that specialise in internet marketing. Just imagine, you can easily have as many different websites as you do products, and have a specialised site for each of these

  • WordPress content-management systems have multi-user functionality built in:

If you run a small business or organisation the chances are your resources will be stretched and you may require more than one person to post content on your website. WordPress can easily accommodate this. WordPress will let site owners set up other users for them to post to the site. For added security and peace of mind, WordPress will let the site owner limit the privileges of additional users so that they can only post content to the site and not meddle around with the functional side of the website.

  • WordPress Website and Blog come in one handy package:

Although WordPress is set up essentially as a blogging platform, it can still be very easy to configure as a stand-alone site, with a blog attached to it. To make matters even easier, there are all manner of plugins available to make the process even simpler, so any small business or organisation can have a fully-functioning website and blog up and running in a couple of hours that will look great fantastic, and deliver what you require.

  • WordPress is easy to back up and is secure:

WordPress is very easy to back up, and pretty secure by and large, though there are many secure plugins to choose from which will make it even more secure than it already is.

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