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How creating a bespoke plugin helped us to enhance the WordPress experience

If you read our blog last week about our freshly launched website, you’ll know that it’s been a long time in the making. Whilst design was of course crucial, we had to ensure that the functionality of the site matched our objectives and enabled us to visually share the website exactly as we wanted it to be. Here’s how we changed the landscape of web design not only for ourselves, but for future clients and other web developers.

A revolutionary bespoke WordPress plugin

What we wanted to do was to test WordPress to the maximum. We didn’t want to just use the platform and fudge it to run the website, simply using it as html editor. Instead we chose to maximise WordPress functionality from within, using advanced techniques on the programming side to enhance its capabilities.

Our unique plugin gives the person editing the page more control over how it looks and a greater level of customisation. We pushed WordPress as far as we could to enable a designer to do more without touching code, giving them greater control over the design features of the page including alignment, colour, font and other visual elements.

Using basic foundations in a ‘building block’ format means that anyone can use this industry standard framework to build something which will stand the test of time both in terms of design and functionality. This is something we plan to expand in coming months, using the framework as the basis of future website designs going forward.

User control

Whilst the plugin allowed us to implement design techniques to ensure that the website was displayed exactly as we wanted across multiple platforms, it also enabled us to optimise user experience. In particular we wanted the user to take control – to explore the website independently however they wanted to rather than being guided or forced by menus and a rigid layout. The versatile layout allows for flexible navigation, allowing the user to move through the site as they wish – so all can enjoy a unique experience tailored to them.

Experience is everything

User experience is often neglected – but it’s crucial as subconsciously visitors to your website need to enjoy their time with you to engage with your business. Carefully-selected images emphasise each section – so rather than being bombarded with information users can experience the site and digest content at their own pace, in an order that makes sense to them.

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