DIY is Not a Website Process

It can be incredibly tempting to build your business website. It’s a quick-fix solution and gets you online cheaply and fast. However, as many businesses will tell you – a self-build website is far from ideal.

Your website is a modern-day business essential that needs to look professional, rank well in search results, have full navigation and get the results. If you are serious about all of these aspects, then a self-build is not even worth considering.


We get it, the appeal of free or low-cost services is a hard one to pass up – but they ultimately lead to vast expense. Not to mention the time you waste personally building and then maintaining them – which is an indirect cost to your business.

Free typically means a free trial, which then wants a monthly subscription or paying a premium to unlock features that a business will require. It also means that your website will be victim to ugly banners promoting the website building platforms services unless you pay for an ad-free site or hosting package.

Then there are the hidden costs. If you want plug-ins, apps or extra features, they tend to come with extra expenditure, whilst web hosting and domain registration incur additional fees per month layered under standard website costs.


For users to see you as a trustworthy company, the look of your website must highlight your credibility as a professional outfit.

Self-build sites often look amateurish, with one-size-fits-all templates and a design that is difficult to navigate. On top of that, they look identical to 1000 other cheap websites using the same generic design template. Self-builds come with only a limited number of customisation options or ways to enhance the website’s appearance. This means you don’t stand out, you are simply just joining the ranks.


Self-build websites contain a large number of design flaws that hinder your overall performance. Simply put, they just don’t work.

If you decide to utilise SEO Stockport in your business, a self-build will have very little capability and will result in your website being virtually invisible to users on the internet. Even if you do have built-in tools to help optimise for search engines, without the specific knowledge of SEO, you will find it extremely difficult and time-consuming to understand.

Websites with shared hosting – standard for DIY site builders – have the disadvantage of slow loading times which turn customers away in droves due to poor customer experience.

Building a company website requires a range of skills and expertise, which is why it is best left to experts in responsive website design Stockport in all situations.

Contact the team at Search and More today for the Stockport website design that works.

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Since working with Jason from Search and More we have built up an excellent relationship with both him and his company. We truly feel that they are interested and committed to improving our on-line presence. From creating our weekly blogs right through to totally re-designing our website to ensure that it is ‘mobile friendly’. I would say that Search and More have become an integral part of our business and I would recommend their services whole heartedly.

Graham Slater – Haven IFA

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