Do’s and Don’ts of a successful website

Once your business is up and running, one of the first things you need is a fantastic website to demonstrate how wonderful your business truly is. Search and More are here to offer everything you need to help your business flourish online, but it’s also important for you to understand what goes into a successful website. This week, we would like to introduce several Do’s and Don’ts that must always be kept in mind for a successful website.

Background Visuals

Don’t choose a distracting background

Do choose a background that inspires users to see more of your website

It’s called a background for a reason – it should be beautiful, but not dominant of the entire website. Whether you wish to use a photo, video, vectors or more, it is important that your background does not distract from the purpose of your website. The background is there to add atmosphere to your website, to enhance your branding and to support the overall online browsing experience.

Space distribution

Don’t clutter the screen

Do consider the hierarchy of content and use white space to air your site

When we design your website, one of the things we will always do is ensure that content doesn’t overcrowd the screen. Too much in one space can be overwhelming for the user. We still believe that content plays an important role in a successful website, but balance is key.

Colour Scheme

Don’t select your colours based purely on their beauty

Do make smart colour combinations that complement and enhance your brand

Colours play a big role in web design. In fact, the psychological impact of colours on visitors can heavily influence their overall experience with your website and how they view your brand. This is why you cannot simply choose a colour scheme based on a random combination of colours that you like. Think carefully and make informed choices about the colour palette of your website and you will in turn receive a wonderful online presence.

Image Quality

Don’t settle for basic quality – but don’t go too far in the opposite direction

Do use High-quality images and optimise them for your site

Do you want your website to be taken seriously? Do you want to be respected and get your audience excited about your business and services? Then image quality is a must. Make sure they are of high quality but be sure to check that they are not too heavy and respect the web standards.

Stock Image

Don’t be cheesy

Do try to generate relatability

We are no longer in an age where a perfect group of models wearing a similar sense of fashion are considered to have a positive effect on those who are viewing a business or brand. Your users would much prefer to establish a relationship with you, so you need real people who they can relate with in order to gain their trust.

Written Content

Don’t let your random thoughts overtake what is important

Do plan a focused, optimised and targeted content strategy

We love content. It’s something our in-house writers at Search and More love the most about working with our clients. Why? Because content is a key ingredient to successful SEO. Not only do they provide visitors with a sense of orientation, but they provide you with a marvellous platform to reiterate your brand values.

To get the most out of your written content, it is important that you approach it with a good strategy in place. Ensure you have the correct tone, ensure your language speaks to the user and inspire them to stay on your website for longer.

Talk to Search and More Today

If you would like to talk to an expert about having a responsive web design that is sure to bring in an array of new customers, then look no further than Search and More. We cover all elements of what is needed to create the ideal website for your business and can keep it well maintained so that your content and information is always up to date and relevant to the user. Contact us today for more information.

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