Effective Web Design, Getting This Right Is Vital.

The directors at search and more have experience in the industry since 1994.

Our principles ensure a successful internet marketing strategy. This is not one aspect but a whole approach to maximising your business.

But let’s look at one aspect – Effective web design, getting this right it vital.

Usability and utility determine the success or failure of a website, Visual design in an added extra. Even though you are reaching an audience, you are aiming at that one person clicking a mouse and they must be able to have clear orientation around the site, one feature that isn’t right will send you visitor off in search of another site. You may as well not exist.

You need to think the user is a real person and will act no differently than if they were shopping in a shop. When we walk into a shop the first think we do is scan around the shop, see if we like what we see. If we like something we will walk over to it. Same as a website a user will have a scan then if they like something click on it. If not they will just click the back button!

Users want quality and believability. User want high-quality content, this is the reason sometimes why not-that-well-designed web-sites with high-quality content gain a lot of traffic over years.

Web users are impatient, searching the net knowing what they are looking for and wanting quick results.

Web users want to be in control, be able to control their browser, their mouse and rely on what’s being presented throughout the site. They shouldn’t have “think” when they land on your site, the web page should be understandable and self-explanatory. When we create a site our aims is to remove and question marks or hurdles that would make your web visitor leave.

We aim to ensure web-sites provide both static and dynamic content, some aspects of the user interface attract attention more than others do. For example we know images are more eye-catching than the text, just as the sentences marked as bold are more attractive than plain text. Our eyes are unquestionably the most sensitive and delicate organs we have, and perhaps the most amazing. They present us with the window through which we view the world, and are responsible for four fifths of all the information our brain receives – when our users are searching the net we are using the organ which feeds our brain the information. If something is uncomfortable on our eyes we will move away.

The human eye can instantly recognise edges, patterns and motions. This is why video-based advertisements are irritating and distracting, or rotating banners that are too quick is actually annoying. But done correctly, from the marketing perspective they perfectly do the job of capturing users’ attention.

The key to getting right is have the experience and knowledge. Which is what we have at Search and More, contact us to discuss effective web design with you.  0161 669 5544

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Since working with Jason from Search and More we have built up an excellent relationship with both him and his company. We truly feel that they are interested and committed to improving our on-line presence. From creating our weekly blogs right through to totally re-designing our website to ensure that it is ‘mobile friendly’. I would say that Search and More have become an integral part of our business and I would recommend their services whole heartedly.

Graham Slater – Haven IFA

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