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Explore the design methodology behind our brand new website

The age-old adage ‘the plumber’s house always has a leaky tap’ is certainly one that applies to us here at Search and More. Most professional companies find it difficult to keep on top of their own activity when they’re always busy making sure (rightly) that client work comes first.

Three years in the making, our brand new website launches this month and we’d love to share the intricate design process behind it with you. We’ve combined elements and processes devised throughout the journey to produce a website which we feel embodies our methodology and capabilities to perfectly show off the services we can provide to clients. So why did we finally settle on this as our best design yet, and how did we come up with the individual elements which set it apart from the rest?

A labour of love

Around six months ago we’d lovingly redesigned our site and we were ready to go. We’d spent three years considering the redevelopment of our site – and had created just as many designs we hadn’t felt ready to launch. All we needed was content – so our writer got to work and produced copy based on our designs. But on receipt of the copy we realised that to build the site successfully we needed to turn the process on its head – to start with the content, and design and build the site around that. So we started again – and built the site based on each page, each individual heading and the key messages contained within.

Design with a difference

We didn’t want ‘run of the mill’ design – we wanted something unique. We came up with our innovative grid format to display our menu clearly on one page, using clever imagery to demonstrate and emphasise each point. The grid and parallax format allows us to introduce our philosophy and methodology one message at a time – so we’re not bombarding visitors with lots of difficult to digest information all at once.

Prioritising user experience

We felt that many competitor websites were rather similar to one another – but crucially they neglected to consider how visitors would navigate the site easily. Many assumed that it would be obvious where menus were carefully hidden to maintain the site’s slick, contemporary appearance. Others made a point of overly emphasising page locations in an effort to be overtly ‘user friendly’. We wanted to achieve a balance between the two – presenting only one point at a time accompanied by stimulating visuals, concealing the menu in the top corner yet introducing its location only once to first-time visitors.

Come and visit us again next week for our second blog on Search and More’s brand new website. In the meantime for more information on our unique approach to website design and development take a look at our Services pages here.

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