Five tips for getting inside the heads of your visitors

To build a website which will be loved, enjoyed and fully engaged with by your demographic, you need to consider how you will motivate them. This involves discovering the things which irritate and compel them, the aspects of your site they will like and dislike, and what they want to get out of their visit when they arrive with you. The best way to do this is to try and get inside their heads – to truly ascertain what they are thinking and feeling when they use your site and competitor sites alike. So how can you go about doing this?

What do they want to get out of the website? Think about their goals

Firstly, think about how your demographic like to navigate a site. If you’re struggling to identify them, then have a think about your current best customer. What are their needs? What are their bugbears? The answers to these questions should help you to determine what they require from your site – and how they will perceive the website and your business when they visit. Then you can think about which elements entice them to do business with you, and which aspects discourage them.

What do users currently say about the site?

If you have had any feedback from customers either in the flesh or by way of email or telephone communication, encourage staff to document and share it so that you can continually improve on what you are doing to develop a positive customer experience. You might find that their opinions are not in line with your own – but at the end of the day you are building the website to engage them, not to engage yourself.

From statistics, where does your site currently fall down?

You might not be tech-savvy, but a professional can easily access useful statistics and data which can be incredibly revealing and an essential tool when it comes to rebuilding or revamping an existing website. Data can now be gathered on almost everything – from the time and date of a visit and how long somebody stayed on your site to which links they clicked, how long they spent on each page and whether ultimately they went on to engage with your business or not. Analytics are a powerful, factual tool and shouldn’t be ignored when you’re looking to see how people are really interacting with your site.

How do you measure up to successful competitors?

It’s likely that you already have a good idea which of your competitors are just as successful as you are – or perhaps are taking a larger share of the market. Take a look at what they do and see how you measure up. It shouldn’t be painful – more inspiring, as this is your opportunity to see their sales tactics first-hand if you look closely enough. This school of thought also goes for unique businesses who feel they have no competition – there is always competition, as consumers can pick and choose how and where they spend their money. Yes, you may be the only retailer offering a particular type of product, but if you don’t reach that person in the best way they could still go elsewhere and decide not to purchase at all.

How do they find you?

Most people use Google to find businesses these days – gone are the Yellow Pages and Thomson Locals – and 91% don’t look past the very first page of search results. Do your visitors come from existing clientele directed to your website through marketing material and direct contact, or are you investing in SEO? No matter what, it’s important that you consider both and adopt a holistic approach when it comes to being seen by the right people – either on search engines or via word of mouth or outside marketing. Undoubtedly it’s best to focus your efforts online – because there you can reach many more people who aren’t already engaging with your brand.

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