Has video killed the written word as well as the radio star?

Video may have killed the radio star, but has it also done for the written word? Well, not quite yet, but with the advent of YouTube video certainly put a dent in the armour of written content. No matter how intelligent or nuanced your words may be, they will always rate second best to a visual message. The reason for this is simple: a picture paints a thousand words. Just imagine, therefore, how many more words are painted by a moving interactive image.

So should your business be using video in its digital marketing strategy? Well, research would tend to suggest that the answer to this question is yes – undoubtedly. According to hardware maker, Cisco, video will drive online traffic to zettabyte-high levels by 2018: that’s 1 billion terabytes for those without a calculator.

Why’s video so important in today’s online world? Well, it’s simple really. Video content is one of the most effective ways of not only relaying your message in an interactive manner, but it in encouraging the viewer to take action to learn more about your products and services. Video content not only educates viewers about a business’ products: it’s has the ability to engage viewers and turn them into active leads. That’s why video production is so important.

Why you should be using video as a major part of your online marketing strategy

You can use colour to your advantage

Although most messages delivered online are clear and pretty obvious, some components of a visual message are delivered subliminally. Colours trigger different moods, and they elicit different responses. The use of colour in video can trigger different reactions from your target audience and also help them to make the type of responses you’d prefer. Black, for instance, may seem like a desolate, depressing colour to use in videos and images, but subliminally potential customers associate the colour with strength and power.

Visual media helps your viewers retain the message

Almost 90 percent of the messages that are delivered to the brain are visual. Therefore visual media is powerful because it helps your potential customers retain the delivered information.

Visual media helps to stimulate viewer interest

Visual media captures the attention of the viewers and triggers their interests on different levels than written content. That is true, regardless of how well written and stimulating that content might be. Visual media therefore makes your offer appear more exciting and interesting to the audience. It can also be used to create strong association and bonding with your audience. Why is this so crucial? Well, simply because an interested and excited audience can remember the conveyed message more than an unengaged audience.

Visual media can be more personal than written content

Written text, however targeted and nuanced, cannot truly communicate a message at a personal level. However, with visual media you can deliver messages in a personal and simple way, which then identifies your business with the audience. You can even communicate complex information in elegant and creative ways with visuals. So instead of writing a content which showcases the ingenuity of your products, you can engage your audience by making a video of how you manufacture your products. This would generate interest in your target audience, and, who knows, maybe take the content viral if you really hit the mark.

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