Easy Start to Building Your Own Website

Before we start, we will say that a majority of businesses that are startups tend to utilise an all in one digital marketing agency in Stockport when it comes to establishing an online presence by learning how to build your own website.

It is a move that costs money but greatly reduces mistakes that will occur when scouring the tricky internet to secure your domain and identity. It also saves a lot of time. However, for those looking for a cheap and fast way to start the internet journey, there is a quick way to start the ball rolling yourself until you can get around to using any Stockport website design company.

Here we look at the four main components to creating a standard website to start you off.

Searching for the Domain

Utilizing sites such as Wix or GoDaddy, you need to do a check to ascertain if the domain and URL are available.

Whilst checking be sure to see if suffixes such as .com, .co.uk and .net are free for registration, as it is worth a little extra to register all to prevent mix-ups with any business looking to register similar names online.

Find an Ideal Host

You will need to find a suitable provider to make your website accessible. Fasthosts and Wix offer cost-effective services, but you need to be sure whoever’s package you choose is suitable for your needs.

Look into the online customer reviews on comments regarding security, response and speed. You need to know how a provider responds to downtime of your website, ensuring you won’t lose business or experience any loss of data.

How to Trade

Your website can use one of two different products when looking to sell products.

Shopping cart software is added to existing websites as an extra, whereas an eCommerce platform lets you build an online store from the ground up as the main focus.

Shopify is a reputable brand for eCommerce that gets you up and running quick, whilst other software like Opencart offer the ability for full customization. The best option for you will fall into some research of the reviews and ratings towards the features and interactivity before committing to one. Look into how other businesses using them have clients comments on them being awkward or tough to figure out.

Be Sure of the Expected Things

You need to approve of every aspect before publishing to the internet, but you also have to be sure that anyone visiting has a great user experience.

The spelling and formatting of each page need to be ironed out and corrected, as well as speed and engagement between pages. In the 2020’s you need to have a responsive web design in Stockport so that it meets the criteria of ease for mobile devices. Test the website allowing third parties to play with the functionalities to get feedback on its functionality.

Include in Your Social Platforms

Your website will need to be present on social media pages, business pages you have on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, as well as presented on any marketing materials and business cards.

Traffic needs to be generated through marketing and other options to consider is Search Engine Optimization (SEO in Stockport).

These are your startup areas to look into for creating your own website but don’t discount yourself from moving up from that once started by working with a company that perfects website design in Stockport. For more information, contact the team at Search and More to trade more effectively on the internet and find out how to build your own website.

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