Can My Website Replace the Business I’m Losing?

How many clients walk through your businesses doors nowadays? Chances are since the pandemic it has been a lot less than usual because of your store having to be closed or people just not coming out to shop in person anymore. So, you may now be looking for how to generate more business from your website. 

This can be stressful if you are a business owner who likes to engage in person with clients and potential customers and we’d bet that your business suffers because of it.

Many other business owners have transformed the way they operate to online stores or eCommerce sites, using their websites in ways they have never had to in order to keep their business strong and growing. In today’s day and age, it is the lay of the land ahead and it may be time to turn that website you had simply because someone said you needed one into the core area of your business.

Not only can it replace the business you are currently losing, but it has the potential to grow exponentially. But there are things you need to ensure first and foremost.


Your website is going to be the core communication piece for your business going forward, so naturally, it has to match your company vision and identity.

This could mean an immediate overhaul of the language that you use to translate your business all the way to its appearance and interactive features. How you do this is by considering if your website currently displays the following; does it hold up against your competitors, does it make you credible and does it make you want to purchase your product or service?

Let’s break these three down further:

Does it Hold Up Against Your Competitors?

This is where you have to do some research into your competition to see the features and ease their website runs at and how that matches up with your own.

Instinct will tell you if your site is slower at loading, more complex to navigate and generally looks not as pretty and professional as theirs. You have to separate yourself from the business owner here and look like a user because they are the people who count on these working to their liking.

Chances are that these competitors went to a digital marketing agency in Stockport in order to have their overall package running and looking as they want it, not turning to some free website platform to get what they need. Make a list of the differences and match them up, even asking a friend which they find important to their shopping experience.

Does It Make You Look Credible?

You may have the winning product but online presentation is everything.

This is where you can take advantage of eliminating stock images you have pulled from online and making your business a bit more personal. Users like a more personable service as they hate the thought of automated ones. Have you ever heard of anyone praising an automated service when trying to talk with a business?

If you are proud of what your business does then showcase a little, let people know you are approachable and focused on their requirements more than a corporate entity. Provide them with a means to contact you easily via a chatbot or email link as a solution for how to generate more business from your website.

Does it Make you Want to Purchase Your Product or Service?

This falls into how your website operates as a whole and what you need to do to ensure a user does not give up prior to conversion.

With everyone now utilising mobile devices to browse the internet, you will need to ensure you implement responsive web design in Stockport. If your website is not adapting to their tech of choice they are going somewhere that will, it’s that simple.

Also, you need to focus on the client journey to that sale. Are your shopping cart and payment choices too hard to navigate and close a sale through? Too many clicks can result in them opting for the click in the red X box to the upper right-hand side of your website, losing you the business and affecting your business growth.

Like many other businesses, you can entrust your online business presence to Stockport website design companies that help businesses make the transition to online services.

Your website can not only replace your business loss but through these areas and others, they can make it a much better growth than expected and find out how to generate more business from your website.

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