Is It Time for a New Website?

This question you may ask yourself one hundred times a year – Is it time I just start afresh?

It is usually internally asked by yourself when navigating your website and being unhappy with certain aspects. If you find yourself asking that every time you are using it, then something is telling you that it must be true. It is time to look at a new website.

The signs that you require one comes in many different ways. The Appearance of your website may be the first most obvious element that screams at you, but the usual suspects fall into performance and functionality and how they play against your SEO ranking and conversions.

How many of these following items cause you to ask yourself the question at hand?

Slow Loading

Do you find yourself clicking off of a website if you are waiting more than 4 seconds for it to load? Well if that is happening on your website you can bet you have thousands of users doing the same thing.

You may think it is a WiFi issue, but chances are this falls into your webpage. Older websites, especially ones not incorporating responsive website design Stockport, have a huge issue with slow-loading graphics. The bigger issue is that your users are not sticking around, no matter how cool it looks when it’s fully loaded.

Higher bounce rates are not good for your business, and Google is not on your side as they set preference for websites with faster load times for their search rankings.

Not Friendly

As we just mentioned in responsive web design, older websites tend to not be very friendly on mobile technology such as phones or tablets.

If they are not responsive designed then they look ugly on a screen, and with over half of web users doing so through mobile devices in today’s world – that is a huge chunk of business you are losing out on. Even if your website is responsive, it may not be laid out correctly on a mobile screen.

This is an area for a Stockport website design company to work on to ensure it is done properly and in full working order.

Your Website Was Designed in the Last Decade

We are two years into the 2020s and boy, does it feel like it’s been 10 already. With so much change in how the world operates now, it stands to reason that everybody’s website has had to change with the times also.

It can even be easy during these past two years to overlook something that requires updating, be it fashion trends or new electronic gadget use or a variety of other new things in effect.

If you are asking yourself if it is time for a new website, then it is speaking to you that it is. For the best in website design Stockport, contact the team at Search and More today.

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