Is There a Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

If you are unsure of the difference between web design and development, it is nothing to be embarrassed about – it’s a common misunderstanding for many people.

The contrast is hard to tell as many web designers incorporate coding whilst web developers have added site designs to their workload. It does branch over in a lot of instances, but for argument’s sake, there are differences between the two, and to separate the confusion when talking with either of them, let’s separate the two fields for a better understanding.

Web Design

Web design is the focus on the improvement of a site’s appearance and user experience via design theories.

A web designer will be the party that oversees the appearance and overall impact via the user interface and user experience design (or UI and UX as it is known). UI design focuses on visual elements of a website, where the designer chooses the colour scheme, layout and fonts that enhance the overall appeal of your website. UX design is focused on usability and navigation for a better experience for the user.

Web Development

Web development is different in that this focuses on programming languages and software, which is used to create codes to form a website.

Web Developers do work hand in hand with web designers in some cases to start on the project, typically with the designers supplying the developers with the site design for them to encode it with the use of front-end development technology.

The front-end development would be the use of scripting languages to make a mark-up site for the users, whilst a back-end development would be undertaken for the use of data management and requests.

The back-end developer would focus on how a site works and how the functionality is used for the customer to get things done on it. A web developer brings good analytical and logical skills to your website, whereas a web designer brings creativity and artistry to the table.

One and the Same

Effectively, both parties work together for your end product, with some incorporating aspects of the other also. Some designers are also developers and vice versa, so it is fine to not initially understand the difference because your party may encompass both.

When engaging a specialist for responsive website design Stockport, you can determine if they have everything all in house or partner with a designer by understanding the difference between web design and development.

Contact the team at Search and More for more information on Stockport website design.

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