Landing Pages – How to Destroy Your Site’s Most Pivotal Page.

Without quality landing pages, you might as well not bother with the rest of your website.

It sounds like a rather severe and sweeping statement to make but also could not be truer – landing pages can and will make or break your site’s chances of succeeding.

It all comes down to that all-important rule of first impressions, which in the case of the website must be made appropriately within the space of a few seconds. Site and web business owners are under immense pressure these days to deliver the ‘wow’ factor in an instant – so much so that many end up straying from the path and falling into some rather bad habits.

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the most common errors of all that will pretty much destroy your landing pages outright:

1 – Immediate Popups.

There’s very little on Earth more annoying than finally getting to the site you’ve been looking for, only to be presented with infuriating pop-ups and distractions. From sign-up forms to banner ads to redirects and the like, these days it’s more common than not for those presented with these irritating add-ons to simply walk away from the page and never come back. When it comes to making first impressions, pop-ups make negative ones.

2 – Too Much Information.

Another huge turn off for most is coming across a landing page that’s packed with more information than a dozen encyclopedias. The whole point of a site’s landing page is to give something of a snapshot of what’s on offer and to provide a gateway to the rest of the site – that’s pretty much it. It’s not to share your life story or get bogged down with the details, which is why the rule of keeping things short, sweet and high-impact is one of the most crucial of all.

3 – Irrelevant Content.

Still on the subject of content, landing pages are also not the pages to go off on a tangent about anything that isn’t 100% relevant to the reason the reader arrived there in the first place. The reason being that the moment they get even the slightest impression that who you are and what you do might not be wholly compatible with their needs, they’ll walk away.

4 – Careless Errors.

A quick one but a big one to say the least – even the slightest of mistakes in spelling, grammar or punctuation will rob you of credibility in a heartbeat. It’s bad enough to have careless errors of any kind anywhere across your site as a whole, but if you make the mistake of allowing them to creep onto your landing pages, it’s game over.

5 – Poor Navigation.

Last but not least, poor navigation systems are among the most common causes of high bounce rates and poor conversion rates. If you don’t make it incredibly easy for your site’s visitors to get where they need to be and to take the next steps, chances are they aren’t going to hang around for long trying to make sense of your substandard or confusing navigation system.

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