How Can I Boost My Online Presence?

Around 97% of consumers search online when seeking local services and products, and around 1 in 4 online searches are focused on local businesses providing them. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are being utilised by users to locate their requirements within their local community, and if your business is not reaping the local need for your services then your online presence is losing you considerable business.

Taking Positive Steps

To improve your company’s online presence and make you visible to the target audience that is using the internet, several steps can be taken to put you in the position to attract them.

When a local is searching the internet for products and services nearby, you want to be within the top few choices. This calls towards optimising your website with responsive website design Stockport, increasing your online visibility within search engines that favour responsive websites.

Using appropriate keywords on your pages, and following Google’s recommendations for use of sitemaps and other tools that alert the internet to your website presence, you stand a much better chance at standing out from the competition in both your and surrounding areas.

Provide the Necessary

Even though it sounds an obvious point, be sure that the information on your website is easy to find is commonly overlooked by businesses. Locals will expect to find your company name, location and contact avenues as much as your product overview and operating hours.

This information requires being prominently placed and easily accessible for all.

The main reason you want the edge over your competition is to be above them, so you need to stand out from them to improve the visibility of your business. To do this, your content needs to be relatable to the person reading it, grabbing their attention and keeping them engaged.

Extra Online Time

The more time people spend on your site reading easily decipherable content, the better your Google rankings become.

Also, it is appropriate in today’s age to invest your business into the social media platforms that are generating business. By linking your website to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn you are opening up more channels for users to discover you and, more importantly, communicate with you.

Having your customers recommend your business does a lot of good in spreading your business as a trusted source in your field, so don’t be afraid to ask your clients to give a testimonial or recommendation. If they are happy with your service, they’ll be happy to help you out.

The online landscape will continue to change as the years roll on, but that is no excuse not to constantly catch up with what works in attracting new business avenues. Contact Search and More today, the number one provider for Stockport website design, and boost your online presence.

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