How to Tell if My Website is Outdated

In today’s bustling internet world, many business owners think that just having a web presence is good enough, having a website that does what it should in giving an identity and showcasing the corporate identity. Sadly, in 2021, that is not enough at all. Following 2020 and early 2021, too many people are now reliant on the internet for everything, with a working from a home model now limiting the number of time people will spend going to a shop or business premises – it can all be done virtually. With everything evolving, your website needs to keep up to date with every change from regular communication to responsive website design Stockport – there is no room for outdated websites.

Identifying the Outdated

Most websites have common issues when it comes to keeping them updated. These issues play their part in reducing your website traffic dramatically and affect the user experience for any visitors to the site.

The first telling sign is if your homepage has not been updated in over a year, instantly giving the impression of it being outdated, unclear and will likely see bounce out from users who think that you have not had a lot going on that’s new.

Updating the content on your homepage to keep users updated and showcase new products and services that should be highlighted, also removing anything that has expired, past date or is no longer relevant or on offer is key to communicating properly with your ideal users and keeping them on board.

Providing New

People love new features to websites, from dropdowns to new links to customizing tools. It helps to strengthen the interaction and the brand overall.

Find ways of putting fresh content in, even so much as a new blog post so that you seem very active and fresh on each visit. People will always be attracted to new offers and new ranges to check out, so be sure to include all information and pictures as soon as they are available to showcase your brand.

Be Responsive

The biggest seller for a company website in today’s market is ensuring it has responsive website design Stockport. People want to check out your website on their mobile devices and are not patient enough to navigate outdated websites that are not responsive.

That is even if they find it through a search engine enquiry, as search engines heavily favour responsive websites in their results, leaving those without at the back of the line with no one visiting them.

Talk with the team at Search and More, the established Stockport website design company that makes the company’s trade more effectively on the internet.

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