Protect Yourself From Website Problems.

Many people assume that when they pay for hosting their provider is taking care of backing up their website in case of any problems.

Unfortunately too many people discover only too late that this isn’t usually the case, or if there is a backup it could be up to a month out-of-date.

We’ve all heard the stories about websites being hacked and their content being replaced but this isn’t the only situation where you might need a reliable and current backup.  You may make a mistake when editing your website and damage the content throughout.  A database update could even inadvertently wipe the entire content of your website.  Your hosting provider may even go out of business, or you might get into a dispute with them.  These are all good reasons for keeping your own complete backup of your website.

As part of search engine optimisation, websites are often updated frequently, usually through a blog.

Losing a month, or even all of this information could be disastrous to your internet marketing campaigns.

The solution is to make sure you take frequent backups of your website and the database it connects to.  There are plugins for most of the popular Content Management Systems and blogging software such as WordPress, that will take a dump of the database and email it to you on a regular basis.

Take a backup of your website so that you have any files needed to restore the website should the worst happen.

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