What is the Purpose of Your Website?

When you are a fresh start-up business, you will no doubt have a website – although you may not truly grasp what the purpose of a website is.

Sure, you have the domain and the software, but you have no homepage and no clear identity of who you are and what you offer to the world. Some people make the tried and trusted mistake of adding all of their information on the homepage, leaving users to scroll endlessly to find any relevant information that applies to them.

This can be a frustration for users and totally against what a website’s true purpose is for.

The Website Purpose

The true purpose of a website is to support your brand image, sell your services and gather information to put your business in a better position. It is all about building the brand image.

Whether you are selling a product or service, a website needs to be maintained at all times. Your website sells what you do to potential clients, much cheaper than print materials that hardly reach anyone. The website is the salesman that does not take holidays, but every day sells people on who you are, what you do and why you are better than the next website.

Having your website work for you means you are spending your time doing what you should be doing – running your business.


The other main advantage of a website is the ability to gather leads away from your local customers. The best situation is when a user gives you their email address freely, known as an opt-in lead.

These allow you to have access to a client’s information so you can provide better service to them with products and offers. You can also create buzz on upcoming products and services by letting your customer base know through your website, allowing them to opt-in so they can be the first on the list.

Working for Users

A website needs to work for several access points, such as desktop, mobile and tablet technology.

Instead of having 3 different websites tailored to each, having a website with responsive website design Stockport allows you to have it all in one place, keeping all users seeing the same information that is easily adaptable to their phones.

Now you know the main purpose of a website, you can have a purposeful focus when selecting content for your site. Contact the team at Search and More, the Stockport website design agency that boosts your brand and puts your business in the right direction.

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