Why Redesign a Website? 10 Reasons to Consider Renewing Your Business Website

Sooner or later, there comes a time when you need to consider redesigning your website. There are plenty of businesses that try very hard not to think about this. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But if you don’t take heed of your website and keep it up to date, you could quickly see your rankings fall, conversions drop and online enquiries disappear.

When is the right time to redesign?

The web is rapidly moving place. Things change quickly – and that doesn’t just mean fashions. Technology, customer expectations and industry advances all affect how well your website is performing and whether it’s leaping to the top of Google’s rankings, or heading down into the proverbial out-of-date trash bin. Here are our 10 pointers that will tell you whether your website is no longer functioning to the highest capability and whether it’s time to consider a redesign.

1. SEO rankings drop off

Has your ranking and search traffic declined? Rankings tend to decline over time, particularly if you are not updating your site regularly with new, engaging content. Stats from eConsultancy suggest that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site that has a bad user experience. A website redesign can reverse the trend of declining search traffic through a new, keyword-focused strategy.

2. Conversion rates and enquiries decline

The result of falling rankings will be that you begin to see fewer enquiries and lower conversion rates. It can be easy to forget that your business website exists to generate leads sales and enquiries, in one form or another. Once these stop coming through,your business will suffer. If you are monitoring these stats and seeing this pattern of decline, it is a clear indicator that a website redesign is required.

3. Your business changes

Change is a dominant fact of life in every business. It is almost certain that you have changed some aspect of your business since you last redesigned your website. In some cases, a business model may have changed. In which case, it’s easy for your website to quickly become out of date as your essential messages and value proposition will no doubt have changed.

4. Your marketing strategy evolves

Marketing is the one industry that has been changed the most by the internet, and the rate of change is rapid and continuous. Social media marketing, content evolution and new marketing technologies mean that the communication of your core proposition will be in constant flux. Your website needs to keep up.

5. Technology advances

Technology is continuing to change the way we view digital marketing. As customers spend more time on mobiles, tablets and laptops, the challenge for businesses is to be able to connect with them through all these devices, in real time. Websites now have to work across multiple platforms, to deliver higher conversion rates. If your site is not responsive to new technology, such as mobile, you will soon find yourself slipping away on Google’s results pages.

6. Third party tools stop working effectively

The third party tools available for your site can add new functionality and analytical options to your online marketing. Some of the popular tools include eCommerce plugins, scripts to embed social media feeds and exit-intent popups. While these tools add value to your site, over time they can become outdated and end up doing more harm than good, meaning that a website redesign is required.

7.  Your customer’s expectations change

Perhaps the most important factor for influencing your decision on whether to redesign a website, is the customer expectations that has taken place over recent years. The way your visitors relate to your business and your business website does not remained static. Visitors expectations keep increasing and customers are more and more impatient with sites that are non-responsive, slow to load or those that lack relevant easy-to-navigate content. Unless your website keeps improving, conversion rates tend to decline.

8. Web design standards change

If you don’t keep up with modern design trends it can have a major impact on traffic and the resulting conversion rate. Design standards for websites do change as technical limitations disappear and fashions change. A visitor may not know exactly which design elements are which, but we all instinctively know when a website looks out of date!

9. Competitors change

If visitors are turned off from your site, it’s likely they will be heading straight to your competitors. Keeping a close view of what competitors are doing with their websites allows you to learn from their successes and failures. Sometimes a competitor will be ahead of the curve. Other times, you will be able to see how well you are pushing ahead of them. If a competitor has recently changed their site, though, it’s probably a good idea to have a good look at how well it performs against yours.

10. Your industry sector changes

The speed of digital change has disrupted almost every industry in every country. No sector has remained untouched, and it is likely that your industry sector has evolved significantly over recent years. The way people talk about your industry will almost certainly have changed since you last redesigned your website, which means that you will need to accommodate your content and messages to make sure you are not falling behind.

Time to redesign?

Your business website is a vital element in your marketing and sales strategy. For many businesses, it acts as a 24 hour, non-stop salesperson. If any one of the above applies to you, it might be time for a redesign.

If this is you, why not contact us at Search and More. Sadly, there is no way to completely future-proof a website so that it lasts for ever. But with the right partners in place and a sound marketing and SEO strategy underpinning you, a website redesign can leave you with an effective, engaging and productive digital marketing and sales tool.

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