Refreshing Your Companys Digital Image

Everything grows stale after an extended period and needs to be replaced or refreshed to stay relevant. Companies making significant changes to their core product are typically focused on launching rebranding campaigns for new and existing customers – to tell them that this is not the same as before.

A full-on rebrand is a lot of effort and time, and your company may not have the bandwidth or desire to go all the way with it. Rather than a complete overhaul, smaller-scale brand updates and refreshing your image on digital platforms is a much better cost-effective and, in some ways, more powerful solution.

Develop and Refine

A complete redesign is tough to justify with so many things that should be taking the time to help you drive business further. A brand is pretty simple – it is about who you are.

It is easy to know who your brand is, but easy to misunderstand how to communicate it well. By defining your voice and being relatable to your core audience and customers, your brand image can have a much bigger impact without the use of expensive tactical changes.

The best way to do this is to stop using the cut and pasting language and use the freedom of casual language in your message. Your customer service and social media channels can benefit from a relatable talk with people not experts in your fields.

When you speak like a person instead of an organization, the perception of your business is more positive.

Go Beyond the Logo

Branding is more than just your visual elements like your logo and colour palette – it incorporates your voice, tone, message and other powerful tools that add to your brand image.

Mix in some new market insights with your existing brand insights to help find your voice in a new campaign and take time to update your company style guide and tagline – but make sure you have a good story behind why you do.

The most important area is to highlight new areas of your website and social media with a direct link straight away as soon as users hit your sight. People can see you have a new look, but they want to know exactly what is new to your business. Something always warrants change, and most of the time, as mentioned, it is around a new direction or product.

Consulting with a digital marketing agency Stockport helps to restructure your branding and plan for a successful launch of a new digital presence. Contact the team at Search and More today for Stockport website design and all aspects digital.

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