Responsive vs Unresponsive

Making sure that your business website is user-friendly and visually pleasing over many different device types – such as desktop, mobile phone and tablet – is crucial to operating in the 21st century.

The difference in volumes of successful converting of users into clients between responsive and unresponsive websites for businesses is so staggering that it is amazing some businesses still operate with an unresponsive design representing their company.

What is Responsive?

Responsive website design Stockport allows developers to code a website once and the site properly reflowing over different devices. This means that your website operates perfectly over desktop, mobile phone and tablets and is perfectly suited to each dimension and functionality.

This works through cascading style sheets, which dictate style properties on a website – like colour, resolution, screen size and others. A responsive site is built with the purpose being to responding to the size of the screen used by the user browser, displaying it differently but allowing for ease in navigation.

What is Unresponsive?

Quite simply, an unresponsive design is the complete opposite of the above.

Rather than automatically adapting at code-level for different screen sizes, an unresponsive site just makes itself smaller to fit smaller screens. If you have ever had to pinch and zoom into a screen to read content or find a button to get you to another screen – that is unresponsive website design.

Like responsive sites, unresponsive also use CSS to dictate stylistic elements but to certain stylistic boundaries. It dictates the size of the borders, images, text and various other design elements regardless of the screen size.

It is also the reason why you probably have left that website – its inability to be made easy when navigating it. If your website does the same, you will no doubt be having plenty of similar users leaving your site somewhere else.

Why Responsive is Important

Over half of all internet search engine searches are conducted on mobile devices such as phones or tablets. If your website is not visually appealing or user-friendly, you are missing out on over 50% of Google searches – conducted by everyone in the 2020s as the search engine of choice.

Users also expect websites to load quickly on their devices, which unresponsive sites can not accommodate in a quick enough fashion. Statistics show that sites that take over 3 seconds to load are abandoned before completion.

Contact the team at Search and More today for Stockport website design in responsive websites that capture your users.

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