Responsive Web Design is No Longer an Option. It is expected.

Ever since responsive web design services were first introduced, many business owners have shunned the idea of making their websites adaptable to a majority of devices, opting to stick with the tried and trusted generic website that has operated their online presence for years.

Sure they will have tweaked some fonts, changed up some pictures and added some features over time, but to them, it has always provided a steady flow of customers. However, those who have not adopted the responsive design in their websites have steadily seen a decrease in new clients over the last few years. These are clients that will also either never come back or never find your website, and that will not change.

Lost Business Factors

For one, Google and other search engines now heavily favour websites that are responsive in their search results, and secondly, people do not have the patience anymore for websites that don’t adapt to their chosen technology, which the larger percentage now utilise mobile tech to search with.

In the field of web design and development, the amount of new devices and resolutions is an endless stream that will see new avenues and upgrades week on week. Just like consumers, they need to update their technology for the latest iPhones, tablets and smart products that allows them to effortlessly achieve their online goal in quick succession will just get more and more hectic.

Cruising Around the Bottom

Businesses that are late to the responsive web design party are now discovering they are not even on the list – and that is the Google search engine list. With the internet now taking dominance over how businesses operate and communicate with their clients, businesses need to make their users happy by giving them less time navigating their website and presenting them with the best user experience from the moment they click on their website link.

When you incorporate responsive design, you are committing to the user’s behaviour and environment based on their screen size, platform and orientation. If a client discovers you on their laptop and decides to switch over to their iPad, your website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting – allowing the user to lose no interest or become frustrated with the overall layout difference between the two platforms.

The Need to Act Now

As we enter new ages of Stockport website design and development, we need to adapt to future-ready websites to stay relevant in an overcrowded market where everybody is vying for the customer. By not incorporating responsive website design Stockport, you are not meeting the needs or filling the requirements that are expected by today’s and tomorrow’s users.

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