Your Key Benefit of Responsive Website Design

If you have heard your friends and colleagues discussing responsive web design websites, then you know that they are very clued into what is important right now in regards to pooling their internet resources to aid their business.

Responsive web design simply means that your website can adapt to the size and dimensions of users various technology used to browse the internet. This can mean anything from a home computer to a laptop to mobile phones and tablets. The goal is for content to be rendered differently over the multiple devices and screen sizes for users to have optimal experiences when using your website no matter how they choose to access it.

This allows sites to load more efficiently and quickly without any threat of distortions or the requirement from users to resize your page to fit their devices.

The Growing Requirement

Whilst this is not a new development, it has become more in demand customization due to the rapidly growing dependence on mobile technology to browse the internet. Designers realised that the quicker expansion of use on smartphones and tablets by those who commute meant that flexible layouts needed to be quickly discovered and adopted across the board.

In today’s modern world, users are accessing the web with more mobile devices than the older days of travelling with a laptop – which results in businesses being quick to meet the needs and not getting left behind.

Companies that do not meet the user requirement for responsive web design websites are rapidly going extinct because responsive design is a requirement to reach a wider audience of users and be featured in search engines results which favour websites that adopt this way of design.

The Key Benefits You Miss Without Responsive Design

The number one benefit in responsive design is the attraction of mobile traffic to your website, which currently stands at around 70% of people who use the internet who do so by the use of a mobile phone. That is a lot of business to lose.

Some businesses choose to use a secondary website for those with mobile technology, but this means that you effectively run two websites and the costs associated with them. Having your main website accessible to all users at once is surely the best cost-effective and non-confusing solution.

Faster Service

Also, the great benefit of responsive design is that it loads a lot faster, which suits those users with low attention or patience spans. Mobile visitors will quickly abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to fully load or takes an age to navigate to find what they want. With it being responsive, you have modern performance techniques such as caching and image display aiding your website to load as quick as pressing the button – and turning those users into customers.

For more information on changing your website to responsive website design Stockport, contact the team at Search and More today for the best in Stockport website design.

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