Your Business is All About the Clients, But is Your Website?

As a business owner, your number one sense of pride is always focused on how you treat and provide your customer base with the very best online service with targeted online marketing. The customer is always right is how the saying goes.

But does your website live up to your own sense of business pride? Does it provide what your customers need in the grand scheme of things or does it fall below the lofty standards you have for your business?

It’s an honest question that deserves an honest answer, so if your clients have not addressed these issues to you before, why not ask yourself about the following items.

Can People Easily Find What They Are Looking For?

Has a client ever called you in the office because they cannot find the information they are looking for on your website? Have any of them asked about a service that you know is advertised on there somewhere?

If so then the reality is your navigation is either too complicated or your information is not as easy to access as you believe. This could be a simple layout problem or your website needs updated information that is not present. Remember, clients and customers look for what they want and if they don’t see it, they will assume you don’t have it. This means someone else will.

If your website cannot satisfy the demand then you have lost money and are losing money. How much more would you stand to lose by not making it simpler to give people the answer?

Responsive is the New Responsible

Is your website not attracting as much business as it used to? The problem can be that you have not made it accessible to over 50% of your users.

How can that be? Everyone can get on a website, right? Yes, they can but with over 50% of online enquiries and searches coming from mobile and tablet devices, if your website is not accommodating to those users… you are losing them to elsewhere.

Responsive web design Stockport is not an optional thing if you want to trade effectively through the internet. It is required for your website to rank in Google search results for a starter, with Google preferring websites that have adopted responsive design.

This means you could be losing those previous online conversion figures to a company that bends to the mobile user’s requirements.

There may be many reasons why your website is losing you business, and many may not be instantly recognisable. This is where employing a digital marketing agency Stockport can help to drive your business online and identify the areas that stop your business from transporting its message online.

Contact the team at Search and More for targeted online marketing services. 

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