Do They Trust You?

What makes a visitor stay on your website?

The design is focused on what you want your end result to be, which is conversions and success. A poorly designed website won’t hypnotise your visitors.

If we take a look at psychology behind designing and writing a programme for your website it is actually quite magical. It has to clearly display who you are, what you do, and should be compelling to those who view it.

We know what content looks like by looking at it, but how do we create it?

We need to look at the psychology of language, we know what words mean but our brains also scan and are able to take subliminal snap shots of what we see words, pictures and colours. We pick what we are interested in and we are able to store this (In our memory). What words we put on our websites will either make our brains remember it or not. We need to focus on the language used to communicate with our audience.

Google is identifying video as good trusted content now.

As humans, we respond to video as our brains focus not only on words but also on the speech, tone and rhythm, (paralinguistic) we can alter the mood and reactions of people, by the way, we say something.

When writing content for a website, apart from a video, we don’t have sound and voice, so the content needs to be concise. However, you can use conversational tones in blog writing and social media as it is more acceptable.

When somebody visits you website they need to build trust and believe in you. The website must talk to the user through content and visually unite with the need of your visitor and the products and services you offer, you have 30 seconds to capture them!

So the structure is necessary, you don’t sell on your home page, you have a products and service page for that. Your home page is your “welcome”, the entrance to your shop, inviting your visitors to come inside and take a look around. Once you have them through the door, you need the inside to be exciting and full of what they want, so they will have a good look around until they find what they want then purchase, subscribe and engage.

30 second count down!

30 sec

There is only so much space on your home page and only so many words a reader can absorb, so don’t use pointless words and the words need to be impactful you have 30 seconds. When a visitor lands on your page they want to know, who are you and what you do. You need to provide them with an answer immediately.

The worldwide web (www) turned 20 in April 2013; it was different from the interactive medium we have today. Collaboration and relationships between users and systems have become progressively multifaceted. It is vital to make sure you are found in sure a vast abyss. Search and More has over 15 years’ experience in website programming and design.

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