Web design dos and don’ts

Not all website designs are the same – naturally, each one is specially created to suit the business it serves. Yet sometimes complex, fanciful web designs actually obstruct online success for the businesses they serve. In the latest instalment of our Beginners’ Guide to the Web series, we explore a few key elements of website design, and explain the main pitfalls to avoid for online success. A blog from website design Stockport, Search and More.

DO work to a clean, clear structure

As human beings, we don’t like to be faced with clutter and confusion. We react positively to information presented to us in order. Whilst this doesn’t mean your website has to adopt a boring, list-style format (far from it), it must be designed to a set structure to help your visitors to easily navigate and enjoy it. You can find out more about how we designed our website to be unique, user-friendly and attractive here.

DO consider your users

The experience your users have largely dictates the level of success you can expect from your website. For this reason you need to think about how they will experience and enjoy your website – as concentrating on this and fulfilling their needs will ensure that they are more likely to engage with your business now – and come back for more later.

DO make it accessible

Your visitors may have a range of additional requirements – and Google now penalises sites that neglect to recognise this. Make sure that it’s easy for customers with varying needs to use and enjoy your site. Eliminating small, difficult to read fonts and clashing colours is a good place to start. It also goes without saying that your website must be responsive – viewable across a range of platforms including smartphones and tablets.

DON’T overcomplicate things

It’s tempting to include lots of different elements in your website to satisfy every possible whim of your visitors. However too many images, lots of forms and long paragraphs of copy are going to be off-putting for your clients. Keep your colour scheme simple and in line with your branding – don’t use more than three fonts, and make sure that the design of your site is clean, clear and uncomplicated.

DON’T forget vital details

It’s hard to believe that a website wouldn’t feature key details in a prominent location such as phone numbers and product categories – but this happens more often than you think. Don’t let fancy design override neat navigation, making it difficult for your users to find what they need.

DON’T let design down with poor imagery

Ensure that your photography and any promotional graphics are high quality. Your investment in fantastic web design is going to be largely wasted if you don’t also make sure that the imagery it incorporates reflects the quality of your brand.

Looking to reach a larger portion of your target market through excellent web design? Speak to us today to find out more about what we do, or head over to our case studies to see how we’ve helped businesses just like yours to grow and increase revenue online.

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