Web Design Mistakes Murdering Your Business

Surely it cannot be true – A website is designed to draw business, right?

How many times have you found yourself answering somebody who has asked if you have a website they can visit, to forgive you because it needs a lot of work done to it? If you have found yourself saying it once recently, then you know you already have a problem.

In today’s market, your website is a critical requirement and it requires certain design standards to grab that users attention, be engaging and, above all, make you credible. Even a small unattended glitch can drive a user away, and outdated and uninspired design can severely put your business on a negative landslide.

How do we eliminate those instances where your business is bleeding out users and provide a fantastic user experience in its place? Well, first of all, we need to eliminate these key web design mistakes.

Time to Be Responsive

This is the most important factor to put into effect. Responsive website design Stockport is an approach to creating websites that both look and operate well on mobile technology, such as mobile phones and tablets as well as desktop screens and laptops.

Your website is optimised through this design onto whatever screen the user is accessing, and with a majority of today’s internet searches being done through mobile technology, your website needs to be adaptable to keep them engaged.

When your website automatically adapts to the device, the users have more time browsing the site and leads to a better conversion rate. If you currently do not have a responsive design, the user experience is poorly impacted, your layout will have poor readability and navigation and your images will be of low quality.

Kick Out the Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are the bane of a website users existence, popping up with irrelevant ads or asking if they need help over every page.

They are incredibly annoying because 9 times out of 10 they are obstructing the view or happen in the middle of reading what the user is wanting to. Many users view them as malware and choose to back peddle out of the website then click on anything, which causes a high bounce rate for your website. This in turn is harming your reputation.

If you are going to use pop-ups, then be sure they are relevant and not annoying the user every time they navigate through the website.

Call Professionals

It is always best to talk with professionals in Stockport website design when looking to fix vital web design mistakes, mainly because they know what your users are attracted to and dissuaded by through experience.

Contact the team at Search and More today to avoid your website becoming the thing that loses your business.

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