Website Design – Consistency Is Key.

When planning your website design it is important to always consider your target audience.

User-centred design means planning your website design according to what is important to your visitors rather than just doing what you want to do.  Consistent navigation and layout are part of key principles of web design.

Consistent navigation

There is nothing more likely to frustrate your users than the navigation constantly changing as the move around the website.  Doing this forcing your visitors to navigate a complex maze of menus to get to where they want to be.

It is very important, therefore, that the primary navigation of your website stays the same throughout.  Each section may have its own navigation menu, which will of course change, but with the primary navigation in-tact, the user can always return to where they were.

Consistent layout

Keeping the design and layout of the website similar throughout means users become accustomed to how your website works.  Changing from one design to another part way through might lead visitors to believe that they have moved on to a new website adding confusion.  Keeping the design and layout consistent means the website will flow better.

When planning your website design, always consider the needs of your target audience.

If they don’t like to use your website, then they will not visit again.  Consistency in navigation and design is an important step to improving the users experience of your website.

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