Website Design: Great Design And Good Functionality Are The Keys To The Best Return On Investment.

Have you ever wondered why some websites seem to prosper on search engines like Google, whilst others flounder?

Well, the reason is pretty simple as far as Search and More are concerned. It’s all a matter of having great website design. The very best websites are able to resonate with users, and the reason that they’re able to do that is because they’ve been designed with the user in mind. So naturally we build all of our professionally designed and mobile experiences with this in mind.

Before we even start to deal with the aesthetics of the website we’ll spend time getting to know your business and getting a complete understanding of your market and customer profile.

We’ll also speak in detail to key personnel within your company and carry out usability testing, that is, the links to service pages, of your existing website. We spend time getting the basics right because we know this pays dividends in the long run.

Only when we’ve gathered all the necessary information together that enables us to build a satisfying user journey, and have finalised the wireframes, will we turn our attention to design and functionality. We know that not only does your business want the best-looking website; it also wants one that delivers the best return on investment.


For great looking websites with good functionality Search and More uses WordPress content management systems. WordPress is now arguably the number one platform for building content-managed websites, and it has built this reputation on its ability to deliver functionality and scalability whilst remaining easy to use and update. It doesn’t really matter whether your business is looking for a basic brochure website or something more complex, WordPress is more than capable of delivering.

What makes WordPress’ content management system so effective?


Ease of use.

The simple, user friendly interface makes it really easy for anyone to manage the content on their website. There is no requirement for any technical skill or expertise at all. This means that anyone in your company can manage the updates of the site.

Easily expandable.

WordPress is Open Source, which effectively means it’s free to use. It’s also very flexible. Other people do the work and create the themes and plugins: all you need to do is use to make your website look even more polished. Being open source provides developers with the opportunity to build their own plugins and extensions. This provides a wide variety of pre-developed plugins that can reduce development costs and time.

SEO Friendly.

WordPress contains many integrated “Google friendly” features such as URL management and there are many good quality SEO plugins available.


WordPress has an efficient code base that benefits from frequent updates and continued improvements in efficiencies. The result is that well-built WordPress websites are exceptionally fast. Why is that so important? Well, because Google sets great store by the speed users can get access to the information they’re searching for. Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant results and a great user experience, and that demands optimised loading times. Fast sites increase user satisfaction and improve the overall quality of the web.

Responsive mobile website design.

The exponential growth in the use of smartphone and tablet devices now means that it’s more important than ever for your businesses to cater for mobile customers. If your website isn’t accessible to mobile users then you’ll miss out on a big chunk of the market. In order to deliver the best mobile experience for your customers Search and More will work with your business to deliver the most user-friendly solution.

There are two ways of delivering a mobile-friendly browsing experience. We can either develop a separate mobile website for your business. This will be a scaled-down version of your main website, and will deliver a user-experience more suited to mobile devices. The alternative is to develop a responsive website. This will offer a number of presentation formats for the existing website, and provide a greater level of flexibility to tailor the best display to the device and screen size on which the website is being viewed. Whichever option you choose Search and more will be on hand to offer help and guidance.

For further information on professional website design, call Search and More now on 0161 669 5544.

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I have worked with Search & more for the past few years and he has transformed our internet and social media presence. What was a dull web site is now a vibrant income producing asset which appears on the first page of Google. Just brilliant!

Steven Glicher – Steven Glicher & Co

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