Update Your New Year Through Your Web Presence

Want to know a great new year’s resolution? Your website performance is the most prominent part of your business existence.

The truth is, over the last two years, it probably has been already. With no face to face meetings, no networking events running and chances of scoring new business coming down to online visibility – your website has been the best thing keeping you going.

What can help boost your profile in 2022 and make your business prosper in the face of the new normal?

Keep it Simple

Just because people want everything from a business does not mean giving them everything up front. Your homepage is like an introduction at a party – Who are you and what do you do.

When you hear someone start telling people about their business at a networking event, how often do you see people start to trail off and lose interest if someone is talking too much? It’s the same with a website – overload them with too much information and they will give up reading. Let them ask the questions and enquire themselves by delving into your business with interest.

Be Responsive

Websites in today’s world need to adapt to several technological advances in mobile technology. Responsive website design Stockport is a major influence on whether people find your page through website searches, and if your website performance does not adapt to those tech devices to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye – you are going to lose a lot of people.

You need to keep them engaged through easy to navigate options and a clear easy to use interface, not endlessly scrolling to find the thing they want. Just like a supermarket, everyone wants to find what they want and get out without getting lost.

Simple Checkout and Enquiry

The two easiest things that people want on a website is a quick and painless checkout service and the ability to get answers in rapid succession.

Your checkout process should be simple and not require a long list of endless boxes to fill in to purchase a product. On the other end, many people may not be able to find a service or product and want to make an enquiry, so always provide a quick and available avenue for them to speak with you directly without a waiting time. These are two prime areas for users diverting to another area, so their importance cannot be undervalued.

Tons of touch-ups can benefit your online presence, and – like your website – we don’t want to bombard you with them all. Contact the team at Stockport website design company Search and More today to discuss the opportunities you can take with your website performance in 2022.

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