What a Well-Designed Responsive Website Gives Your Brand

You cannot ignore the reality that the majority of website browsing in the 2020s is done through a majority of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. This dramatic shift towards new technology has created the essential need for responsive website design Stockport, able to seamlessly adapt your website design to fit both the size and connection speed required for smaller devices.

Not only does it keep your users engaged with your website, but it also provides some key benefits to your brand that cannot be ignored.


There is nothing worse than presenting an inconsistent browsing experience when users arrive on your website. It is a guaranteed frustration that 90% of the time will result in a high bounce rate and page abandonment in droves.

Responsive web design means that the information is easily accessible across all forms of your website design, including your navigation menu, contact information and key content being very easy to find and access. Having that consistency across all devices keeps your users engaged as they may find you on a desktop computer but want to continue whilst on the move with their mobile phone.


Compatibility is key. We are sure you have all heard that saying – and in the case of a website, it is the whole truth.

Ensuring that designs are accessible on every platform with a considerable user base is a high priority because users spend considerably more time jumping between different devices to browse the internet. Every avenue for your website to be displayed should be scrutinized as part of the design process to make sure you are fully compliant with the needs of every device with internet access.


With the design of responsive websites, providing the user with a comfortable experience is among the top priorities.

Padding and margins need to be peasant even on the smallest screens, as well as font sizes and line spacing adjustable to the relative amount of whitespace that is on screen. There is no commonly agreed ratio for the amount of whitespace that should occupy a website page, but browsing your website with a user mindset will play to your instincts in what feels comfortable.

Intuitive Navigation

The quality of the user experience of your website is largely dependent on its navigation elements, and that is because users want to easily be able to find if you have what they are looking for without any long searches through your website.

Menus are an essential part of defining your navigability and the biggest difference in how the user experience plays out.

For more information on Stockport website design and responsive website design Stockport, contact the team at Search and More today.

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