What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Bring to the Table

Most business owners focus on singular aspects of a business that provides digital marketing services, starting with the website design aspect. That truly is just the tip of the digital marketing iceberg as they offer a wealth of services to boost businesses and brands.

Websites themselves are a form of digital marketing, but the next step comes with positioning that website as an effective digital marketing tool. This is where a digital marketing agency Stockport provides such tools as app development, social media ads and SEO Stockport.

Web Design

A reliable Stockport website design offers web design as a key component of digital marketing, bringing extensive experience in creating responsive website design Stockport.

As web design experts, they strike the perfect balance between style and functionality, making the website look great without having the graphics detract from the ease of using the site or the information being offered.  A digital agency has the technical knowledge in designing and building the site so that it can evolve as you discover how users experience the site.

Brand Development

Digital marketers are branding experts by trade, working on a variety of brands every single day. They know how to effectively build a brand from the ground up and maintain it for the future.

Many businesses and start-ups take on a digital marketing agency if they feel that their brand outreach is not maximised to its full potential, or if they look to break into new markets that they previously had no idea they could.

Graphic Design

Digital marketing will always have a graphic designer on board to generate ideas and make a reality out of the ideas posed. The design aesthetics of websites and apps are not just about style, but for brand identity.

Build up a strong brand identity and you gain protection from competitors and gain stronger customer loyalty. The graphic designers work alongside the software developers to ensure that the best of both worlds is achieved, and you save money on hiring an external graphic designer that will have to work externally from the digital marketing team, meaning less consistency and communication.


An agency will also have an in-house copywriter to make sure that your website and apps have exceptional written content. Good copywriting is about writing persuasively in a way that is not excessive in its sales approach.

It takes complicated subjects and makes them easily translated to the people who read them, writing to a tone of voice or creating a unique one that ensures communication is your most powerful tool. This is a big part of your brand identity. A picture shows you what you want, a price tells you if you can afford it, copy tells you why you need it.

For more information on a digital marketing agency Stockport helping your business, contact the team at Search and More today.

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Since working with Jason from Search and More we have built up an excellent relationship with both him and his company. We truly feel that they are interested and committed to improving our on-line presence. From creating our weekly blogs right through to totally re-designing our website to ensure that it is ‘mobile friendly’. I would say that Search and More have become an integral part of our business and I would recommend their services whole heartedly.

Graham Slater – Haven IFA

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