What does your website say about you?

It’s often said that your website is your ‘shop window’ online. Yet still so many are neglected, dated or fail to function properly – all ultimately harming their owners’ chances of online success. So how can you identify how effective (or ineffective) your website is – aside from analytics and customer feedback? If any of the following teething problems sound familiar, it could be time to reassess and refresh your website…

The dated one

Dated websites say a lot about a business. Consumers now measure a company’s status and gain an impression of their standing in their market from their presence online. This means that subconsciously an out of date website infers that business perhaps isn’t too good, or possibly you’re not at the forefront of your field. Slick contemporary websites impart an altogether different impression – that of a cutting-edge business which they are proud to be associated with. Brand association matters greatly – so if your brand is being represented poorly via a website your ability to generate leads online will be considerably impaired.

The messy one

A website is only as good as its content. Poor content (low resolution images, text riddled with spelling mistakes and amateurish graphics) can make or break the impression your website gives to those visiting it. A messy appearance can also be down to poor design – especially when widgets, sliders and contact forms are arranged illogically, making it difficult for users to find their way around and highly unlikely they’ll want to stay or return.

The confusing one

If a website is difficult to navigate (and unresponsive across a range of devices) then it’s unlikely to attract users back once they first visit. Only if what you are offering is unique (or at the lowest possible price available on the net) do users stay and endure slow load times, broken links and indiscernible chunks of poorly formatted text.

The boring one

This site doesn’t excite or engage visitors. And without a trigger which persuades a visitor to become a customer your website is largely useless. Often boring websites are difficult to identify for their owners, as they may be very attractive in appearance on the surface, with high functionality and quality content. If you find your bounce rate is high even though all of the above elements are in place, it might be worth consulting with experts to see how you can put a spark back into your site and compel users to engage with your brand.

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Since working with Jason from Search and More we have built up an excellent relationship with both him and his company. We truly feel that they are interested and committed to improving our on-line presence. From creating our weekly blogs right through to totally re-designing our website to ensure that it is ‘mobile friendly’. I would say that Search and More have become an integral part of our business and I would recommend their services whole heartedly.

Graham Slater – Haven IFA

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