What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

As you look to grow your business, especially in an online capacity, you will hear several buzzwords used by tech people that are tools to help establish your business on a grander scale. But what is a good digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a huge component in really pushing your business into new frontiers. It is broken up into a bunch of components – Company strategy, customer experience, content creation, channel promotions and check-back analysis.

If that sounds confusing, don’t worry. Let’s take a closer inspection of them.

Company Strategy

To begin the process you need to look at your company’s business goals and ask what are you looking to achieve, and how do you make it happen?

Within this part, you will focus on your goals and consider the following to make the process have a successful start. There are topics you can focus on such as how you can get your customers attention away from marketers who are relentlessly targeting them, Understanding your business model and brand and what job it is doing amongst other business models, deciding on which marketing campaign to create following the understanding of your goals and developing the strongest offers in a bid to transform leads into customers.

Customer Experience

This part of the process focuses on what your prospects will think, feel and do when engaging with your brand. Looking at who your prospects are and how your company can best serve them helps to define your audience and analyse their experience working with you.

This can be done by collecting and analysing customer data to help define your audience. You can create personas to define the characteristics of your perfect audience through different types of information, Understand the prospect journey from interest to sale, and you can determine where your company falls on the content maturity scale to assist with enabling sales.

Creating Content

When it comes to creating content, you may wonder what is a good digital marketing strategy to maximise traffic to your website. Creating quality content is a major part of the digital marketing strategy, creating a commonality with the prospects so that they feel you are their brand. You will be able to identify quality content, as well as define who will do it and what it will be.

In this area, you will develop a strategy for content, define the messaging and establish the systems and governance rules. This includes creating a content plan and develop a type that ensures you take full advantage of long and short-form original content. You will learn how marketing funnels help to reach a wider audience and identify what they want and do it through writing and storytelling to connect with them on a level of trust and understanding.

In our next part, we will discuss how channel promotion and check-back analysis completes the digital marketing strategy. For more information on all things in responsive website design Stockport, SEO Stockport and other areas, contact the team at Search and More, the northwest digital marketing agency Stockport.

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