Business Websites: Why Is WordPress’ Content Management Software Package Proving So Popular With Small Businesses?

Does your small business need a website?

Do you want to make better use of the seemingly limitless potential of online trading? If you do then which website solution should you choose? Many experts will tell you that you should either choose an industry-standard website design software package, or get a website designer to create a bespoke package especially for you. But are these the only options? Isn’t there anything else out there that fits the bill? Well, actually there is. You can use an intuitive content management software package like WordPress. With this type of package you’ll be able to get your business website up and running in no time at all, and best of all it’s open source, so it won’t cost you anything to set up.

Why has WordPress proved to be so popular for business websites?

Easy to install and comprehensive.

The principal advantage of WordPress is that not only can it be installed on your server in a matter of minutes, but once it’s up and running you’ll also get access to countless online free or paid themes. These can help to make your website look professional, and that has to be beneficial for your business. What’s more WordPress also has numerous plugins and widgets which you can add to your site over the longer term to make the website more interactive and user-friendly.

No prior website design expertise is necessary.

Anyone is capable of creating their own website using WordPress. The only skills you’ll need are the ability to write and some basic computer skills so that you can add content to your new website. If you can post on an online forum, then you’ll be able to do this too. WordPress has a low learning curve: as you grow more confident and learn more about the software, you’ll be able to add new designs and utilise some of the concepts created specifically for WordPress which will help your site to grow and make an even greater impact.

Open Source.

WordPress is Open Source, which effectively means it’s free to use. It’s also very flexible. Other people do the work and create the themes and plugins: all you need to do is use to make your business website look even more polished.

Set up is quick and straightforward.

Because WordPress is so easy to set up and simple to use, it’s possible to have several websites on the go at the same time. Maintaining these numbers shouldn’t be difficult as you don’t have to waste valuable time setting the sites up in the first place. This ease and flexibility is particularly useful for businesses that specialise in internet marketing: in theory you can have as many websites as you do products. Imagine that?

Multi-user functionality is built in.

If you run a small business it’s likely that you’ll have few resources and therefore may require more than one person to post content on your website. WordPress can easily accommodate this. WordPress will let site owners set up other users for them to post to the site. For added security and peace of mind, WordPress will let the site owner limit the privileges of additional users so that they can only post content to the site and not meddle around with the functional side of the website.

Website and Blog.

Although WordPress is set up essentially as a blogging platform, it can still be configured as a stand-alone site, with a blog attached to it. Because of the plugins available any small business can have a fully-functioning website and blog up and running in a couple of hours that will look not only look good, but deliver everything you require.

Easy to back up and secure.

WordPress is very easy to back up, and generally secure. Should you choose, you can enhance security further through a variety of secure plugins.

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