How Many Online Faults to Lose a User?

If you have noticed that your website has had increasing bounce rates and lower visitor-to-lead conversions over the last two years, it is probably down to your website having faults that are alienating the user and their experience.

With so many updates coming thick and fast in today’s online world, it can be hard to please everyone, but it is important to appreciate that functionality and other issues may play a big part in turning away your ideal clients.

Slow Loads

The internet is crammed with more and more options and information to browse through, and attention spans are getting shorter and shorter the more is wheeled out – not to mention tempers.

If a website is slow to load, this is a particularly big trigger for people to give up within 3 seconds. This results in somewhere else gaining the business because they jump quickly to provide what the user is wanting. No matter how great you feel your business s, there are thousands just like you offering similar – and if they offer it quicker then they win the prize.

Optimizing your speed is the first port of call and matching your competitors on how fast they get the user into the experience.

Pop Up Crazy

Pop up ads may be a great way to get someone’s attention, but excessive pop-ups are one of the most irritating things about the internet.

Realistically these ads may get you one or two subscribers – but they are more likely to be turning away thousands of leads. The main problem with pop-ups is they take away from the reading experience of your website. They need to be seriously moderated and tracked keenly to assess their effectiveness – otherwise, it is the equivalent of someone standing in front of you when you are trying to enjoy a movie at the cinema.

Auto Play

Autoplay ads are a big deterrent – especially when someone just wants to get something from your website whilst in a quiet environment like an office or classroom.

We would like to bet that the majority of people suddenly exposed to autoplay content have immediately closed your website and never returned. Giving the user the right to choose if they want to play the ad and experience the content is where your website should be, not forcing your users to listen to your ads without expressing an interest.

These are general faults that you may never have considered to be a factor in why your website is not getting the attention it used to, but they are simple fixes to ensure your users will be happy to stick around.

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