Is My Website Outdated?

Although you may look at someone else’s website and feel that it is seriously behind the times, how many of you then consider if your website is suffering the same condition?

Do your initial thoughts of the company behind unreliable and not fully representative of their brand reflect your internet presence? Your website could be as little as 5 years old but it may be missing something crucial for today’s internet environment. Do you have a responsive website design Stockport or is your brand up to date? All these things you may have to investigate fully to avoid getting the same response you just gave.

Mobile Friendly

Your website may look great on a computer screen but if it is not operating to a responsive design then you are missing out on a huge chunk of internet users who are clicking back as soon as they visit.

Google search engines tailor towards mobile users, ensuring that the results that show up from enquiries are all responsive websites – and downgrading sites that are not. You may think that is an unfair strategy, but it’s a preservation one. If Google stops giving relevant results then they become unreliable themselves. If you want your website to have higher retention rates and convert more visitors, you need to go the route of responsive website design.

Social Media Integration

Social media sites are the most visited sites on the internet, from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter and more. Throughout all of these sites are the vast majority of potential customers that you can communicate with.

Not only can they shop with you, but they can also follow and recommend you to people who may be asking online for a provider for your specific services. By embedding these social media platforms and channels into your website, your website is getting expanded reach and pulling in a huge amount of traffic away from search engines. If your website does not have this feature already, then you are already outdated in the eyes of everyone.

Flash Use

Initially, Flash was designed to give websites a real visual boost through animation and interfaces. As time has moved on, so has websites from using Flash.

In terms of design and function, Flash is now an obsolete item thanks to changes in CSS and HTML coding. To make matters worse, mobile devices completely ignore it today, mainly due to the amount of time Flash takes up in making your website load. If you are still using Flash, then your search rankings are getting lower and lower and the user experience is pretty poor by today’s standards.

When discussing with the team at Search and More for Stockport website design, they don’t just tell you your website is outdated to wring some extra money from your budget, it is all about playing catch up with the leaders in your field when it comes to your online presence. Contact the team today to update your web presence.

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Since working with Jason from Search and More we have built up an excellent relationship with both him and his company. We truly feel that they are interested and committed to improving our on-line presence. From creating our weekly blogs right through to totally re-designing our website to ensure that it is ‘mobile friendly’. I would say that Search and More have become an integral part of our business and I would recommend their services whole heartedly.

Graham Slater – Haven IFA

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