Could a web maintenance package save you money and win clients?

Web maintenance. It’s a necessary component of every successful business’ online presence. Yet so many ignore it as an unnecessary expense – only to call upon the support of experts when something goes wrong.

We often see complicated issues that could easily have been resolved had we been supporting the client with a regular maintenance package. Here we share just a few of the reasons a monthly retainer could help you to save money in the long run – and provide positive consequences for your business almost immediately.

Why is web maintenance essential for businesses?

Over 70% of consumers now check out businesses they plan to engage with online. This means that a website constitutes a company’s most powerful marketing tool. For the many who have taken advantage of the shift online, it is their only connection to customers. For this reason, downtime can be damaging.

Web maintenance packages ensure that you always have someone to call upon when things go wrong – a link is broken, an image isn’t displaying properly, suddenly, your shopping cart facility isn’t working. With web maintenance, you can pick up the phone or fire off an email to someone who will take care of it right away. Without web maintenance, you lose money and patience whilst you find someone who can assist you.

How could a web maintenance package save (and make) you money?

As outlined above, downtime can be difficult and expensive. Impatient users are unlikely to wait for a website to be fixed, so most businesses lose custom when they experience issues online. For this reason, web maintenance packages protect businesses from loss, saving money in the process. Retainers are also usually less expensive than calling on someone last-minute to carry out an emergency repair.

Web maintenance packages aren’t created equal – and whilst some will provide basic support, others could actually make you money. At Search and More we take a slightly different approach, using the constant connection we have with you and your site to make suggestions and improvements to your site and user experience. The data collected on a daily basis over time can provide key insights and indicators as to how your customers currently navigate your site, and what needs to change to encourage them to spend more time (and money) there.

Intelligent, proactive web maintenance from Search and More

At Search and More, we’ve developed our web maintenance approach over years spent in the industry in various capacities. We know from experience that most providers adopt a reactive strategy – only jumping on to a site when their systems (or clients) flag up that something is wrong. This usually results in some downtime – and at least one client seeing an error message, being unable to complete a purchase or struggling to open a page. All these things can be damaging to a business’s reputation – sometimes permanently.

To combat this, we proactively support the sites we provide website maintenance for. We check in frequently and fix potential issues before problems arise, so our clients (and their clients) never experience the frustration or difficulty of a full-blown blackout or malfunction.

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