Is Your Website Behind the Times?

An outdated website isn’t just a minor inconvenience. It can instantly make your company give off an unprofessional and unreliable vibe, excluding your visitors and putting you at the bottom of the pile for consideration no matter how good your offers are.

As time moves forward, you require jettisoning some older elements such as Flash introductions and auto-playing media to have something that captures the user’s attention.

Outdated Information

The clearest sign of an outdated website is when the content that is displayed is seriously behind. If you have copyright from over ten years ago and your last updated information was two or three years ago, you will be classed as either dated or thought of as not even trading anymore.

Ideally, the copyright should be changed every year and the blog updated constantly. You can solve this by hiring a digital marketing agency Stockport to write regular entries if required. Any outdated information on products or services leads to confusion and annoyance from customers. What you offer has to be current and compliant, and erase any content for services no longer offered to keep your business in the right light.


Way back when it was not unusual to see a website mentioning that it was best viewed with a particular browser. This was mainly due to users coming in through either desktop or laptop browsers.

Today it’s a much different worldwide landscape with over 70% accessing the internet through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This requires a website that can immediately adapt to every kind of browser and that would be responsive website design Stockport. Adopting these tactics allow for your website to be easily viewed on every device and browser type and reduce the number of users leaving your site due to navigation difficulty.

Splash Pages

The days of having introduction pages with an enter function is a huge waste of time and resources, as well as extremely old-fashioned.

Ideally, the first thing a user sees would be your homepage, with relevant information and navigation buttons for simple roaming around all aspects of your website. Splash pages are ideal in certain scenarios – such as websites with adult content or warnings required – otherwise, it should just be your homepage that welcomes your intended users.

The best way to identify all of the ways your website is giving an outdated message that is affecting your business is to talk with a digital marketing specialist. Contact the team at Search and More today for the best guidance from the specialist Stockport website design company.

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