What Makes a Website Today?

What should I have on my website? Are you currently looking to stay ahead of the curve with your website? With current events such as the pandemic coming into play and the reliance on mobile technology for web browsing, as well as privacy and safety playing a big part in the online picture today, it is much harder to keep pace with requirements and updates that keep your fresh and appealing.

A lot of complexity has been added to websites over the last few years, and web developers have had to respond to cultural phenomena such as economic recovery, privacy and safety. 2022 is the year where sites are structuring more clarity, openness and simplicity to gain traction in the markets.


Inspiring people with your message means drawing them in with all the tricks up your sleeve – engaging with visuals and interactions. 2022 is a year where more and more background videos and animations engage users’ minds and provide gentle motion to pages, as well as decreasing bounce rates.

Micro-interactions and micro-animations are giving pages life and energy by being subtle yet noticeable, adding levels of detail that help your business to stand out with users. Micro-interactions are those small animations triggered by hovering your cursor or scrolling to a particular part of your website page. If it changes colour when hovering the mouse over a button or section, people suddenly get re-engaged with the page in a way words never could.


We have all faced serious challenges heading into 2022 and more are set to come, which is why fewer words, calming colours, vivid imagery and clear calls to action are what is going to be well well received from a website. No one wants anything more complex than things already are.

Simplified messaging implores the visitor to want to learn more, rather than complex conversations that overload the user’s interest. Whilst infographics were a big trend a few years ago, today’s designs incorporate more space and gentle motion that still lets you convey information – but in a rather more revealing and expansive way instead of condensed and overwhelming.


Accessibility is an ever-more-important element of web design, with devices creating more accommodations for users with visual or auditory impairments. Accessibility now should be integrated into the design process from the very beginning.

This includes supporting operating system features such as dark mode and accessibility features like font scaling and contrast adjustment, which are much more widespread now than you would believe. Responsive website design Stockport is also one area that most businesses now acknowledge they need to keep up with their users who prefer the use of their comforting mobile devices.

If you are stuck behind the curve, asking yourself ‘what should I have on my website’ and need to urgently play catch up with your website demands, contact the team at Search and More today, your best voice for Stockport website design

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